1 Day Phu Vinh Rattan-Van Phuc Silk Villages And Tram Gian Pagoda Tour

Phu Vinh has become the most attractive place in Phu Nghia commune for visitors of handicraft trade village tours. Tourists coming to Phu Vinh were attracted by the history of over three centuries of traditional rattan handicraft and bamboo weaving. Nowadays, thanks to modern technologies for raw material processing, skills and techniques of the traditional handicraft are more enhanced and improved. Tourists coming to the village show great interests in the introduction on the handicraft industry from local residents who are all the time busy with weaving products.


Field Trip to Phu Vinh Village

The field trip to Phu Vinh village was provided to the participants who signed up for the programme on the following day of the workshop. The objective of this field trip was to provide the opportunity for tour operators, governmental officers, and villagers from Van Lam village to know the actual situation of the project site and to


1 Day Tour To handy Craft Villages out of Hanoi

Within only one day tour to outskirts of Hanoi, we would have overall view how is great handy craft productions made such as pottery, ceramic in Bat Trang, weaving skill in Ha Dong, making lacqure ware bambo of Duyen Thai and export rattan production in Phu Vinh village


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